Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a French-Japanese couple who fell in love with the Philippines and the Filipinos. It was in our DNA to align our business with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, and to implement the following measures for Environmental Social Governance (ESG).




We installed our own wastewater treatment plant, with the following benefits:

  • It solely uses biological components
  • We use the treated water to irrigate our plants, which in addition to using rainwater helps us save water significantly
  • The nutrients contained in the treated water help the growth of our plants

Drinking Water

We installed our own reverse osmosis facility, with the following benefits:

  • It transforms tap water into drinking water on demand, drastically reducing the need to buy plastic bottles
  • Its system benefits from water pressure, which means there is no electricity needed for dispensing water

Laundry Water

In order to reduce the use of water and chemicals, while also being conscious about cleanliness, we offer our guests the possibility to reuse their linens and towels during their stay


We thoroughly segregate and manage solid waste.


To avoid single-use plastic:

  • We use reusable straws in our restaurant and bar
  • Trash in our guest rooms is collected in reusable containers without using plastic bags


To reduce electricity consumption:

  • Electricity shuts off automatically when guests remove their key cards when leaving their rooms.
  • We use solar lamps in the evening in some areas of the resort.

Garden Wall

Our garden wall provides the following benefits:

  • It increases air quality by carbon sequestration, oxygen production, and filtering of harmful gasses and heavy metal
  • It absorbs external and internal noise
  • It improves aesthetics and reduces stress on humans

Planting Trees

We are part of a collective tree-planting initiative in Panglao Island, collaborating with public authorities.


Work Environment and Community

We believe the well-being of our team members is important:

  • We provide a staff house on site for our team members who need accommodation, with air-conditioning to keep away mosquitoes infected with Dengue
  • We provide financial assistance to our team members for various needs, being for health or other personal issues


We have also been actively involved in the local community, providing loans and donations for education, and helping locals start and develop their own businesses.

Human Rights

Respecting human rights is fundamental to achieving the UN SDGs, and an integral part of our global commitment to responsible business.

A large part of the local communities in the villages (“barangays”) of Bolod and Libaong are deprived from their rights to:

  • A road access to connect their properties to a public road, as advocated by the Asian Development Bank as key for getting out of poverty
  • Take advantage of economic opportunities protected under the Philippines Constitution of 1987, and Panglao Island being classified since 2005 by the Government of the Philippines as a world-class tourism destination with a brand new international airport which opened in 2018
  • A free access to the public beach of Bolod
  • A balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature, protected under the Philippines Constitution of 1987


For that purpose, Villa Umi is in communication with the Local Government Unit to improve the quality of the environment for the community and to enable the locals and small hoteliers in the vicinity to get road access essential for in case of emergencies and for developing their own businesses.

We'd love to hear feedback

At  Villa Umi, your feedback is invaluable to us as we continuously strive to enhance our services and offerings. We genuinely care about your experience and want to ensure that every aspect of your interaction with us exceeds your expectations. Your feedback is essential in helping us achieve this goal.

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