Villa Umi

When we first set foot in the area in 1993, no one lived on the beach except pigs. We were the first to build a native house on the front beach, which we used as a vacation home for many years. We also installed infrastructure to bring electricity from the national road to the shore, enabling locals to connect to the supply.

Throughout the years, we have built close relationships with the community, from financing young locals for higher education to offering interest-free microcredit for various endeavors.

More recently, we replaced our native house and built VILLA UMI PANGLAO RESORT. We are pleased to collaborate with our local employees to ensure a positive work environment by providing free meals during work hours, learning and training opportunities, team bonding activities, and the possibility to live within the premises of the hotel in air-conditioned rooms.

The owner, Dr Jacques Chaoulli, has been endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France, Philippines Chapter, as a world renowned medical doctor. He has been praised by the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, for his past actions in Canada and in the USA in favor of patients.

He is currently acting in favor of Filipinos as exposed under the section “Corporate Social Responsibility”.

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